How-to: Record Audio

*Please Note that to record you will need at least Flash 10.1 installed on your computer.

Go to the Settings menu and select Edit Settings

Select Recording Settings

Select your preferred input from any audio device connected to your computer in the drop down menu.

Accept Access

Notice: When recording audio in Chrome you might have to allow recording not only inside the studio, but also in any pop up from Chrome asking for permission to use your mic.

Now you are ready to record.

You can record directly from the microphone input on your computer into a hightlighted channel in Soundation Studio. Click on the grey box of an audio channel to highlight.

Then click on the Record icon to start recording.

You can record multiple tracks, add effects and automation.

If you click on the metronome icon, you will activate a click track to play along to. The click has an accent on the downbeat of 1.

Everyone can have fun with recording but to save, mixdown or publish any recorded tracks you will need an Intro, Power User or Premium account.

You will receive this message if you do not.

Any of the premium accounts will allow you to save, store, mixdown to wav and publish to web all your recorded works.