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Soundation Chrome Studio

The power of native!

Soundation Chrome is the latest version of our online studio and is developed using Google Native Client for Chrome web browsers. This means a faster and more stable environment with lower latency and CPU usage and does not require Flash. Soundation Chrome has an entirely new audio engine and we made it as "backward compatible" as possible with the flash version of Soundation Studio so it looks and loads all your previously created songs.


Low latency

With the new studio you will be able to run at much lower latencies than before. This is really cool for those looking to play our virtual instruments by hand and provide a much better hands on experience.

Library file management

Soundation Studio for Chrome supports drag and drop of audio and midi from your computer to the studio. You can even drag and drop to your My Files folder, create new folders, rename, move and delete files and see your storage usage. Check our accounts page to see how much storage you can get.

Low CPU usage

With better resource management Soundation Studio for Chrome will better tap in to your computers potential. Giving you more out of your CPU and RAM while still running in your browser.

New and future improvements

There are already a bunch of improvements like all new shortcuts and workflow enhancements in the studio. New audio effects to use and under the hood improvements for better low latency support and resource management. More importantly is that this new version will enable us to build even better and more powerful things for the future!