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Future House Leads

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All about layering them dope leads! This pack is a little different by giving you all sounds that make up the lead individually. Great for learning how layering sounds work! All individual sounds are mixed and processed to fit well when all the sounds are played back at the same time. But they all stand tall on their own. Just beef them up a bit with some compression. And as a bonus we included 5 MIDI files so that you can layer your own sounds you create in the studio with the audio loops! Or just take inspiration from the MIDI and create something brand spanking new!

Category: Sound Sets
Genres: Electronica
BPM: 125 BPM

4.99 USD
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125 Melody 1 FHL Gm.mid 125 Melody 2 FHL Gm.mid 125 Melody 3 FHL Gm.mid 125 Melody 4 FHL Gm.mid 125 Melody 5 FHL Gm.mid