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KryptiK BeatZ Avatar
KryptiK BeatZ
about 9 years ago

Ahhhhh :D Its funny cuz I watched this episode of the boondocks! xD

Clever Whiz  Avatar
Clever Whiz
about 9 years ago


Ol'school  Avatar
over 9 years ago

Once again i thank you for your comment Cartsoul :D. I don't know but i kind of like the original i created more because it's more dark, this one became a little settle. And yes the ending beat is my best part to :D lol.

Cartsoul Avatar
over 9 years ago

This is America! Great song, by the way. *liked* I will wait for the downloadable version, so I can take it on my morning trips. The part that I mostly like is at 1:58, just to let you know.

Ol'school  Avatar
over 9 years ago

Thank you Mrs. Depp and ArmyEliteGeminia. Love this hilarious show and had to do something about it lol.

White Avatar
over 9 years ago

that moment when boondocks makes good music XD nice one.

Scars Never Fade Avatar
Scars Never Fade
over 9 years ago

Oh my god this was awesome! left L ..oh I like totally fell in love lol