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Gary Rocker Avatar
Gary Rocker
over 3 years ago

This sounds like an NBA pump up song!!! (Good thing btw) Great job man!

Burnie Beats Avatar
Burnie Beats
over 3 years ago

i aint a rapper lol, but if you wanna have a go at it then feel free to download and rap over it

little hollow  Avatar
little hollow
over 3 years ago

if you have a mic you should rap behind this it's perfect for it

Papi Pasta Beatz Avatar
Papi Pasta Beatz
over 3 years ago

okaaaaaaay! i c u

collin5111 Avatar
over 3 years ago

That's pretty good, I did a couple like that, 95ish and Showtime at the Asylum on here, you might like those.