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Comment Spae Avatar
Comment Spae
about 1 year ago

seems this is the first time you actually published something soundation-exclusive worth a damn...listen

Slim Vader JIm Avatar
Slim Vader JIm
about 4 years ago

amazing job on this track !!!!! you really inspire people to keep on progressing and finding a true love for music <3

Skyez Avatar
almost 5 years ago

lol i always go back and visit my soundation favorites <3

Tc-5 Official Avatar
Tc-5 Official
almost 5 years ago

memories D:

yung m.r.e. Avatar
yung m.r.e.
about 5 years ago

@IAwake My suggestions for the future are custom SPC's so you are able to add your own one shot drum audio files into the SPC slots, The ability to like comments and to view detailed statistics on your account, The option to put a custom genre on your track like Soundcloud, The option to create playlists for your tracks, An export midi option in the studio and to be able to save your own presets in the soundation plugins. Cheers!


Nesta Malcolm Avatar
Nesta Malcolm
almost 6 years ago

Thank you!

The Lost Orbit Avatar
The Lost Orbit
almost 6 years ago

I give two Paws up! great job

blzr. Avatar
almost 6 years ago

this song has really changed my life man!!! thank u!!!

Nesta Malcolm Avatar
Nesta Malcolm
about 6 years ago


SlasherSongs Avatar
about 6 years ago

Dude I love this song!!!! Please make more stuff like this!!!!!! Love You!!! Keep it up!