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Created July 17, 2015

Artists of the Universe

Have fun with making music! I just made this group for some users to hear the others music, give tips and also constructive critic. You are allowed to spam in this group, BUT NOT TOO MUCH!
Please only post brandnew tracks you are VERY proud of!
I will change the featured tracks every week.

PS: A cool Wub Sound :

1)Open a Wub-Machine Channel and take the Saw Lead.

2)LFO-Speed=max. LFO-Section=the first one
4)Analog Filter Section= Peak Cutoff=20 000 Hz
5)NO Reese
6)Add a reverb, Preset= Lush Piano
7)Distortion= Foldback Gain= max.
8)Add a filter Cutoff= around 13500Hz Resonance=21% (Lowpass)
Now copy the channel and copy the notes one octave higher or deeper! It’s finished!

And a simple lead instrument! :

Choose the simple Channel: Preset 8 On the saw osc: Pitch 0 Filter Cutoff Max FX: Compressor Bass Running Hot Reverb: Cold Cave Distortion: Clip, Gain 5% Fakie

Tutorials like this are welcome in this group! When you’ve got a nice instrument please write it into the comments and I’ll probably add it to the description!


Outzyder Avatar
about 1 year ago


jdyk1234 Avatar
over 4 years ago

Hi! Long time no see! Here's my new track guys! https://soundation.com/user/ulalalmexico1738k6333/track/evolution

Outzyder Avatar
almost 5 years ago

Hey guys!! check out my chillest track! https://soundation.com/user/ozd/track/cold-glass-sky

jdyk1234 Avatar
about 5 years ago

check out my new track plz!!! https://soundation.com/user/ulalalmexico1738k6333/track/in-the-abyss another track!!!

jdyk1234 Avatar
about 5 years ago

https://soundation.com/user/ulalalmexico1738k6333 Hey, I just started making music and I NEED HELP!! I need good, constructive feedback from all of those good producers out there. Checkout my New Era Tracks along with my beginning ABC tracks.

Outzyder Avatar
over 5 years ago

Hey there! I have a new track. It's in 7/4 time. Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it. https://soundation.com/user/ozd/track/chant-of-the-harpy-eagle-7-4-beat