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Created January 16, 2019


For everyone who loves to take a few seconds and relax.
Only post beats that are chill. Post as many songs as you would like, and spread this group around.

Check out the featured track made by Keylime Pie called “Space-Time Out”


Keylime Pie
24 days ago

I guess you have a point, like something could be fast paced yet still delicate.

Kage Termia
25 days ago

@Keylime Pie: Yea I accidently made it so that people can only follow and not join- Whoops- Tracks are now able to uploaded. As for the #downtempo- Not everything chilled and Lo-Fi is down tempo.

Keylime Pie
26 days ago

Ok now posting tracks is available.

Keylime Pie
28 days ago

I mean, there is also the #Downtempo share your sounds group. Also there aren't means available for me (and I assume for others as well) to be able to post in this group as of currently.