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Created August 16, 2014


For Trap and Hip-Hop (not anything illegal)

To Be Able To Join If You Don’t Know Me Or Not Invited:

STEP 1: PM Me!

STEP 2: Follow Young GI,New Black,LilDre~BEATS,Xephyr,Isabel Walker,J-Breezy,And Ma$tA_MacE<—(me)

STEP 3: Ask To Join tH3_mA$Ta_cLiQu3<—My Group!

Post Tracks And Stay Fly!


M.G.S Avatar
over 6 years ago

Hello everyone :3 I am outdated because I have been working on other stuff that I will share soon so I need to update myself again and checkout what everyone has been doing meanwhile I want to share this track with you it's very chill like almost everything that I try to do :https://soundation.com/user/Shadow400500/track/when-time-stops

M.G.S Avatar
over 7 years ago

Hello again :) don´t know what u ppl have been doin around here but guess what, I made a new track ;) since 2013 maybe I was just waiting for.....don't even know what I´m talking about anyway If u want to relax a little listen to my new track I highly recommend it

M.G.S Avatar
over 8 years ago

WAAAAAAAAAAAAAZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA thanks for inviting me Yung hip hop is my stuff :)

Dr Traphouse Avatar
Dr Traphouse
over 8 years ago

From KY but ill still join the group

Young GI Beatz Avatar
Young GI Beatz
almost 9 years ago

Yo people