Created December 07, 2015

The Feedback Group

This group is made for aspiring Soundation users who would like feedback on their tracks. If you don’t get much attention with your tracks, you can always come here to brush up on your skills and learn from the community!


-NO TEASING/BULLYING OTHER USERS. This should be an obvious one, but some people simply don’t follow this rule, especially online. So, please, don’t be disrespectful to other users. All we want is room for improvement!

-JOIN, JOIN, JOIN! Okay, technically this isn’t a rule, but if this group is to thrive, we need both types of members: the type that wants feedback, and the type that analyzes the tracks in this group. Whichever type of user you are, join this group to benefit everyone here!

-DON’T FEEL BAD ABOUTNEGATIVECOMMENTS: The reason I put negative in quotes is because THERE WILL NOT BE ANY NEGATIVE COMMENTS. However, if someone criticizes your track a little too harshly, don’t feel bad. You shouldn’t take the comment to heart, but you should try to improve in whatever area you don’t feel confident about.

-ANYONE CAN REVIEW EACH OTHER’S TRACKS!! This rule is definitely a good one. I am just a humble moderator. You members are much more musically capable, and I suggest you put that capability to use (not that you guys haven’t already :D).

That’s all! Be sure to look at other popular Soundation users’ tracks to get a feel and inspiration for music!


-Comment on everyone’s songs (giving advice)

-Invite other users :D


over 1 year ago

Hello there!!! I have a new track out Enzyme This is my first time making a trap song, so plz tell me how I did. ^‿^

over 1 year ago

Will someone give track info. [not the track posted, but in general]. I really need some ideas. https://soundation.com/user/Ayla/track/read-desc-plz

about 2 years ago

I need feedback on a song.... www.soundation.com/user/yvnglxv/track/gl00my

about 2 years ago

You're welcome! I really don't look at this group often, and I haven't updated the featured tracks section in a while, so y'know! :D