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Noah Avatar
about 6 years ago

dang people still listen to this

tori j Avatar
tori j
over 6 years ago

can i use this in a youtube video.

Rainb0w Avatar
over 6 years ago


Prod.Boosie Avatar
over 6 years ago

dammmm flames

Noah Avatar
over 6 years ago

Dang, didn't think this was gunna get top trending. Thank you for all the support :) I really can't thank you guys enough, this means the world to me that the music I wanna make is being supported. <3

. Avatar
over 6 years ago

Nice job on first trending, this one actually deserves it unlike my Entering our Dreams Remix XD

DUTCH Avatar
over 6 years ago


Noah Avatar
over 6 years ago

@Shekinahnkea I didn't make this in Soundation, but it is probably not very hard to remake this in Soundation. I used a program called FL Studio. Also, you'll get there. Don't worry, as long as you're willing to put in the time then you can do anything. That's one of the things I love about music, I spent an entire summer studying music theory and such and I still have a lifetime of learning ahead of me. :) I mean just look at ChromeClouds- Hypernova The Soundation OSCs are very limited and he was able to make an almost professional sounding wub. Anyway, you seem determined. Stay that way :)

Rave Avatar
over 6 years ago

Okay 1st of all damn, I didn't know Soundation had the ability to create dope sounding shit like this, and 2nd, music like this makes me realize how ass I am xD But it's okay bc like.. Y'know, it's this type of music I'm working to create and based on the AMAZING QUALITY OF THIS SONG, it'll take awhile.

Blitz Avatar
over 6 years ago

He is fucking by :D another banger