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hani1289 Avatar
almost 10 years ago

Brilliant track mate! Just a bit repetitive, but other than that awesome!

CaptainSpike Avatar
about 10 years ago

AMAZING got goosebumbs nice job

chiaki nanami Avatar
chiaki nanami
about 10 years ago

Make a download link :D

Luminous (Formerly dApl8ya) Avatar
Luminous (Formerly dApl8ya)
about 10 years ago

Great work

Audial Avatar
about 10 years ago

nice job man! I would like to see you make something other than house at some point though,

JuiceBox Offical Avatar
JuiceBox Offical
about 10 years ago

Good job man:)

Calum Hood Avatar
Calum Hood
about 10 years ago

thanks for the feedback guys and BASS4ROG I know what you mean this track was pretty chilled, I'm going to make another electro house track soon so hopefully it will have more of a wow factor and dancey feel. I still wouldn't say this is simple though quite a lot of different techniques in there

Kracked Ekho / illRipper Avatar
Kracked Ekho / illRipper
about 10 years ago

i love this its very good cal

Paradox Avatar
about 10 years ago

very good/ i'll give it a like of course!!!

about 10 years ago

In my honest opinion the sounds are layered nicely. Its mastered and fine tuned fairly well but other than that I dont think it really has that "dance" or "WOW' factor to it. To me sounds it just sounds More like simple background music