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Created April 15, 2013

Prodigy- For the Masters of Soundation

If you are a committed to creating music this is definitely the group for you. THIS IS PRODIGY,


Adam Gleeson
almost 6 years ago

I have a goal to get at least 1,000 views on this video. Help me out! Thank you so much for the support!

false blonde
over 6 years ago

Hey! I'd really appreciate it if you could check out my Gold Skies remix here and vote for it in Cal's contest here . Any support is greatly appreciated.

false blonde
over 6 years ago The collaboration you have been waiting for is here! Bjornberg and Backslash to B2B and the result is incredible. Please check it out, and leave a like and comment.

almost 7 years ago

Let\s get this group active again. Start some buzz, folks. :D

false blonde
almost 7 years ago my new track "Exigent" is out! Be sure to check it out.

about 7 years ago

Yes this is the group for me XD

Sean Foxx
almost 8 years ago

Brand new Club banging track! "Starships"

almost 8 years ago Second attempt at dubstep! Please like and leave a comment, as I am trying to get trending again and would like to know how to improve.

almost 8 years ago

First attempt at dubstep, I'd love some feedback!

almost 8 years ago I'm trying to get another song of mine trending, please check it out! If you could give it a like that'd be great :)