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riley-dominique-locke Avatar
about 3 years ago

love itt

cedsgm1012 Avatar
over 3 years ago

:) i am happy now

Darth-Vader! :D Avatar
Darth-Vader! :D
over 3 years ago

This is the best song in the world!!!! HARRY POTTER GANG!!!!!!

aldiktxt25 Avatar
about 7 years ago

My god. I am an HP (not health points) fan and you recreated this song very well, haven't heard anything like it except the real version. Keep up the great work! P.S: Can you please do something Undertale related?

Lil'Reaper BeatFactory Avatar
Lil'Reaper BeatFactory
over 7 years ago

Potter Fans Unite. Ilove harry potter and you nailed it. Bravo man hats off to you.

Goofy Gorilla Avatar
Goofy Gorilla
over 7 years ago

Thank you so much! :) I LOVE Harry Potter also!

Ginny Avatar
over 7 years ago

Great job dude!! I'm a huuuge HP fan. This is awesome

Goofy Gorilla Avatar
Goofy Gorilla
over 7 years ago

Haha! Woohoo let's get some good o' Harry Potter spirit up in here! :)

yung m.r.e. Avatar
yung m.r.e.
over 7 years ago

nice job! and yes, i'm a huge harry potter fan