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Created October 13, 2016

Hey, welcome to FreeUserZ! This group is a hangout group for anyone with a free account who wants to join. Need help or have a question? We’ll do our best to answer it! Got a cool song you want to share? Great! We’d love to hear it! Post as many tracks as you want, ask as many questions you want, and have fun! Only 2 rules are no swearing and be nice to people! Thanks! :)


30 days ago

Please support me. Listen to my tracks.

No Clue
5 months ago

Please listen to my very first GOOD song on Soundation! i would say it has a really unique beat style in the middle of the song. Here is the link: https://soundation.com/user/Accepted/track/beatopolis

No Clue
5 months ago

Hello!!! Just joined!!!