Created August 08, 2013

The Dreamers and Believers

This group is for the ones who dream over and beyond and believe they can achieve greatness so if you’ve got the guts to join this group then do so in the name of MUSIC!!!

1. No cussing
2. Respect each others work
3. Have fun
4. Enjoy Life

If you want your track featured then message me with a link and I’ll check it out (:


almost 7 years ago

What can you live without? No matter what you say, it will always be nearly impossible to live without any imagination

almost 8 years ago Please check out the instrumental version to my rap track thats coming! Remember to leave a like and comment; I'm trying to get another song trending soon :)

almost 8 years ago NEW TRAP SINGLE! Ghetto Talk (Trap) is out now mah peeps listen and like or much regret will be in your near future

about 8 years ago

∆ñd I Was Like "Th€ Coo-coo guy here was me!"

about 8 years ago

Look at this please.

over 8 years ago

Please take a look at this.

check this track out it is EDM house pro quallity ;) no loops used

over 8 years ago

Alright guys keep up with the good stuff, keep them tracks flowing in, invite people to the group! (:

over 8 years ago

Time for me to upload some good stuff!