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Created November 02, 2012

The Gamer's Lab

The Association Group of Gamers (TΔGG)
What the Group is about
This Awesome Group is made for REAL GAMERS that loves to play anykind of games! It dosen’t matter what console you use whether it is Xbox360, Wii, Wii U, Ps3, Psp, Playstation 1, 2, 3 and/or 4! Game cube, Ds, Ds I, 3Ds! It dosen’t matter just as while you are a TRUE GAMER! and play anykind of games!

If you wanna talk about any kind of game you like. Go ahead, don’t be shy. We all understand you! Problaby is about a game we have never played and we want to know about it!

My Steam profile Name is DJ Blu3R0ck ((if you have Steam of course hehe))
Tracks are Accepted! ((Even if is NOT game related))
also, Halo 4 is best game! ((In my Opinion))
Join us! and be Part of the TΔGG Clan!


Legacy Hero Avatar
Legacy Hero
about 8 years ago

"Hello? Anyone?" Legacy's words echo across the server.

Legacy Hero Avatar
Legacy Hero
about 8 years ago

Is anyone active here?

2COOL02 Avatar
over 9 years ago


T.H.M  Avatar
about 10 years ago

Skyrim ftw!

DUTCH Avatar
over 10 years ago

I hav that james bond but it isnt the best at all

The 6th music Avatar
The 6th music
over 10 years ago

hey who think 007 goldeneye on 64 is a best game

paulinaomel Avatar
almost 11 years ago

Hi, look at my track.

theoftus Avatar
about 11 years ago

I'm back online! Get out your subwoofers for my new dubstep song, http://soundation.com/user/savaz1/track/super-basses-dubstep, and the house/club song http://soundation.com/user/savaz1/track/clubstep-house! Enjoy!

xDead_Wukongx Avatar
about 11 years ago

I finally have my antenna! Now I can connect my XboxLIVE!!! (^//^)

dubstepaddict Avatar
about 11 years ago

I'm now administrating an independent music promotion channel on YouTube. here's the link to the channel- you can submit your tracks to the email given there if you want your stuff promoted. http://www.youtube.com/user/EliteEDM