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Created April 09, 2017

'Radon' Talent beta

Welcome to the Radon Talent pool! Please read all of the rules and regulations. If you fail to comply to these Rules you will be kicked from the group.

You can only post one track per month (yes we are checking)
No spam
No hate comments
Give constructive feedback to help your fellow competitors grow
No vote for vote
Don’t post a track if you h ave already released with radon or Xygen.

How it works?

Every month, competitors can post one track (new or old), which they think showcases their talent. They also vote for tracks that they think are awesome! At the end of the month, The radon team will choose two artists from the top ten that we think deserves a release on radon. (Just because you had the most votes doesn’t mean you will get a release)

What can you win?

A release with xygen or radon
you join the radon and xygen discord chat, where you can get feedback and improve your music production skills with over 75 artists who share the same passion as you.

Does the track that i posted to this group get released?
No, Radon only releases new not yet released tracks.


jtpck Avatar
almost 6 years ago

lol dont put periods at the end of questions

NovemVitae Avatar
about 6 years ago

can remixes be posted.

nukt  Avatar
over 6 years ago


Blitz Avatar
over 6 years ago

deleted iceage i did put a beta up in the end

Blitz Avatar
over 6 years ago

iceage will do

Blitz Avatar
over 6 years ago

i cant find any of my good songs that are not in beta

Blitz Avatar
over 6 years ago

im going to put up a song in beta not lol

Blitz Avatar
over 6 years ago

im :( all my good songs are half way done

Nesta Malcolm Avatar
Nesta Malcolm
over 6 years ago

The winner is - Kagar! Please pm me @kagar for more info. feel free to post your new tracks and give feedback on others :D

I2OLATE  Avatar
over 6 years ago

K I W X I get the ziff in here. what r u waiting 4?