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Dutch's Crate Challenge (Results are in) Group Profile Picture
Created April 23, 2021

Dutch's Crate Challenge (Results are in)

Credits to https://soundation.com/user/bubble-enthusiast for the picture!


Vicious V53 – https://soundation.com/user/ViciousV53

Vicious is an up and coming producer on soundation who has shown lot’s of promise with his music. In this challenge he has shown that he is capable of making solid bangers!

A word from a judge: “although I can’t tell if it uses a whole bunch of loops, if it does, nvm.Otherwise, it has extremely friggin’ good sound design, so if it’s original, then that’s one of my choices.”

We were able to assure this judge it wasn’t loops and it blew their mind! CONGRATS VICIOUS V53!

Unclassic – https://soundation.com/user/J-c-p

Unclassic is an user that suddenly sprung into the soundation game with his mad sampling game and decided to test his power level with this challenge. It succeeded, because it made him rise to the top 3 of this challenge!

Some words from the judges: “I pick Unclassics remix just because it was so creative. He has a distinct style and I think he did a good job showcasing his abilities with his royal remix. I think it also showcases the best sound design of any of the submitted tracks.” “the way he edits songs is crazy, i love the tension throughout the song as well as the glitched sound affects. the panning is on point and the drums are very well done for the type of song he was going for. the billie eilish vocals were also nice the way he edited them. overall very nice track.”

Unclassic posted two bangers and made us know he is the next hot thing. CONGRATS Unclassic!

overdoze – https://soundation.com/user/overdoze-music

This one was to be expected. overdoze is a solid top producer on this site and with his remix he yet again proves why.

A few comments from the judges: " it has the most stuff going on that actually works and it’s super cool and builds on the original." “The sound design is solid and I love how he brings full bodied yet sort of scratchy and lofi sort of sounds into his work. I think from a standpoint of composition and overall listenability it’s the best track.” “i loved the affects on the arps and the peaceful beginning, and i loved the transition from calm to crazy dubstep growls. the structure, sound design, and melodies were on point. and the saw stab things were beautiful. it was really well put together overall.”

All I can say is, “I agree”. CONGRATS overdoze!

I will message the winners to let them claim their prizes.

It’s not fully over yet! A shout out to everyone who entered!:








Know that I appreciate you all a ton <3


Missiony Avatar
10 months ago

why u post collab link 🤔

Vicious V53  Avatar
Vicious V53
11 months ago

Ayyy winners!!

Dutch Avatar
11 months ago


Lettasu Avatar
11 months ago

When will winner

Vicious V53  Avatar
Vicious V53
12 months ago

When will winner

overdoze Avatar
about 1 year ago


Dutch Avatar
about 1 year ago

*Updated judges today*

Synthestesia Avatar
about 1 year ago

Dutch exposed

Dutch Avatar
about 1 year ago

Good call lmao didn't see that error haha

Vicious V53  Avatar
Vicious V53
about 1 year ago