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Created May 08, 2020

Coastline Remix Contest

Thanks to all participants of this Coastline Remix Competition! Your support and efforts are very much appreciated!

Congratulations to the winners!

🥉 =3rd Place: Aephyr & HEX’s remix –
I could not choose an absolute 3rd place unfortunately, but I like how both were tailored to a more trap style whilst maintaining the tropical vibes we all love, so well done gentlemen.

🥈 2nd Place: Moist’s Remix –
I like how Moist touched on the more chill aspect of the original and built it into his very own lo-fi spice! I also particularly placed this remix at 2nd because of the art cover – a truly magnificent masterpiece! :)

🥇 1st Place: Nate’s Remix? 🤔🤔
Now now everyone, no need to act so surprised. Nate’s remix is unarguably the best remix (and might I add), one of my favourite dubstep tracks across the entire community! His remix basically sums up S.A.U.C.E and more! My favourite element of this song was the sound design and the chord progression! But to be fairly honest, I cannot fault it in anyway, so well done Nate :)

Special Mention:
Sonaris’ Remix

Although this song was not intended for the comp, I still think it deserves the credit, and would’ve been a decent competitor in the running.

Winners should expect their prizes to come through in this coming week, but once again, thank you to everyone for your support and your efforts!


Moshie Avatar
over 2 years ago


arbour Avatar
almost 4 years ago

congrats bruvs

MVM ♪ Avatar
almost 4 years ago

everybody did very good :)

MVM ♪ Avatar
almost 4 years ago


little hollow  Avatar
little hollow
almost 4 years ago

Definitely winners

a!m Avatar
almost 4 years ago

Thanks Noah! and congrats to the winners!!

Noah Millar ♪  Avatar
Noah Millar ♪
almost 4 years ago

<3 love you HEX ^-^ no homo

HƎX  Avatar
almost 4 years ago

Congrats to the winners 🎉👏 it was an honor to make this song, even tho it wasn't for the challenge, it was directed to Noah, I made it cuz he's a really great friend, and hes been there through dark times, thx for being a friend

R3PL4CED  Avatar
almost 4 years ago


Natro Avatar
almost 4 years ago

I’m honored, Noah. Thanks for hosting this! Make sure you guys send some love to the other winners as well!