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Star17 Avatar
over 9 years ago

Dude don't listen to Dj Zimbo, you did awesome and one things for sure man It's better than what I can do :) nice job and "let the haters talk cause theres nothing you can tell e'm" from black and yellow-the song. Just ignore people like that but let it make you wanna be a better track maker, don't let that kinda stuff bring you down! I'ma send you an invite to my group "#1 Track makers all day ^_^" simply because your amazing.

Dj Zimbo Avatar
Dj Zimbo
almost 10 years ago
Flagged. Pending CSI

LAME! only loops... NOOB

false blonde Avatar
false blonde
about 10 years ago

http://soundation.com/user/_ed/track/stereo-rush this track sounds a lot like mine. I guess great minds think alike. :-)