eyy thanks kal

Soundation Crew
over 1 year ago

Welcome back Cheers.

TOKYO (Old acc)
over 1 year ago

@Salad Stop makin' me feel like a baby. What did us youngin's do to you? :(

over 1 year ago

it’s a banger

thanks y'all my lil tutorial didn't quite cover everything so i'm answering questions if you have any

:0 miller! hi!

over 1 year ago

it good no calp

Noah Millar ♪
over 1 year ago

ooh a tutorial! :0 Cheers!

eyyyy liav thank u btw u still gotta teach me ur rainbow sprinkles style :P and sup flow i'm glad you found me ^_^

i honestly like the entire song but 1:35 and onward just whoa. i dont usually listen to trap since i'd rather rainbows and smiles (kawaii future bass, or future core) but wow this beat got me bopping me head and dancing. Nice work and nice tutorial