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dead. Avatar
about 10 years ago

Epic! I really want to remix this!!

RHO Avatar
almost 11 years ago

Awesome track! The wubs are not fitting very well with the rest of the track; you are starting your track with an awesome feeling but when you hear the wubs, this feeling is running away.

false blonde Avatar
false blonde
almost 11 years ago

@TheDevilstop The dry wubs was also a problem for me, and the sequence at the end was a loading error. Also, thanks for the positive feedback. It's nice to know somebody out there likes my track.

Big Roshi Avatar
Big Roshi
almost 11 years ago

AMAZING track. May I suggest taking the last sequence's of dubs sounds and replacing the rest with that. The sound sounded really catchy and dirty up until the wubs, which felt really dry. The melody and matching sounded amazing though, nice job!

almost 11 years ago

I really like 2 of your tracks man. But i need more consistency in your music to be in the group. I'm not really a fan of your other tracks. This and the natalie remix are the songs i like! If you can produce another song at that high of a level then and i'll put you in the group just dont get sloppy on your future tracks :)