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sub arc Avatar
sub arc
over 9 years ago

This sounds great, a real chillax vibe. if you made a whole song out of this it would sound great. Blue clips do help if you want a certain sound or key. Keep up the great work!

The King 36 Avatar
The King 36
over 9 years ago

Sounds good! Your on your way to becoming a great artist! Basic things a tips you might already know (but I feel like helping) 1) Learn to work the volume, it will help if you lower the volume of the song towards the end. 2) everything else you need to learn about will be here > http://soundation.com/learn <

Ol'school  Avatar
over 9 years ago

That's more like it! Now all you need is to understand changing flows, to kinda explain you can keep that same bass wish would be the Booms, and change up the piano sound(I think it's a piano note) The blue note which are the sample notes which you can find in the MDI section of the beats i find them to be difficult to compose so i suggest you keep going with the simple beats to understand how to put them together. If you want i can make a beat explaining what i ment by "Changing Flows"

Flood   Avatar
over 9 years ago

try to work with blue note clips... its more effective...


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