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arbour Avatar
10 days ago

join us bro

Moon Avatar
4 months ago

I thought he was kidding bro, he did post it around/on april fools

vii Avatar
4 months ago

kind of said that kai can't read this

Digital Avatar
4 months ago

Wish you the best!!! Goodbye!!! :(

💔գգգ𝕾𝕳𝕬𝕯𝕺𝖂𝕾❤️‍🩹 Avatar

It was a lot of stuff me and you didn’t get to do yet HEX but I’m glad that I was at least able to get to know you, collab and vibe with you personally dude. Much love and like little hollow said, It was fun while it lasted😌

little hollow  Avatar
little hollow
4 months ago

Been one of my longest followers and I have been yours. I always enjoyed interacting with you here, definitely keep me up to date on what you do next my g.

It was fun while it lasted <3

sui Avatar
4 months ago

wow this is the perfect music to listen to while reading the desc lolololo

BoneMeal Avatar
4 months ago

:( i started this and left, i comback every once and a while but if i wont talk to you then i wanna let you have a good journey my friend, my it come to us talking in the end, farwell. o7

CROSSbones Avatar
4 months ago

Dammit man, I'm gonna miss you. You've supported me forever, you've always been there for me . I won't forget everything you've done here and all the dope af music you've made. Love you brother <3

4xharley Avatar
4 months ago

I have enjoyed listening to your music and watching your progress. It seems we have all come very far from when we all started. It was great to have you here on this (pretty strange to be honest) website where a lot of us started our musical career. You will be missed, but like Voxel said, have fun with what you go on to do.