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PZ Avatar
almost 7 years ago

straight to the heart :`)

1!¡MaDMaN¡!1 Avatar
over 10 years ago

I love this track. I just found it... And I fell in love with it...

Selfee Avatar
almost 11 years ago

@Dusk He did indeed do a great "gob" on this. lol deff gets a like from me

BethlemMusic Avatar
almost 11 years ago

Well Blackmill sort of pioneered the Melodic sub genre so it's bound to have similarities, but yes I love his style so much :) Also it was the normalization that seemed to set the volume that low, but when I saved it as a .wav file I took it into audacity and amplified it quite a bit, I will remaster this at some point but right now I have a new project on the go;) Thanks for your compliments, greatly appreciated :)

Audial Avatar
almost 11 years ago

sounds like blackmill :) it's a good style to copy. you ought to remaster it is too quiet. but great gob non the less, one thing to try is to increase the stereo width, the track sounds quite mono

BethlemMusic Avatar
almost 11 years ago

Sorry the track is very quiet in places, Normalization actually messed the track up, I'll probably remaster it at some point.