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Adam Gleeson Avatar
Adam Gleeson
over 8 years ago

Thanks again, 4EYED, for giving me something to learn from. I am not always active, but when I am, I make the best of it. Your work helps me to make the best of it. I would have liked to hear a heavier snare in some parts, but only some. I would definitely listen to this in a club.

4EYED Avatar
over 8 years ago

its a free website called canvas i think

Dazzio Avatar
over 8 years ago

It sounds quite nice. By the way, what software did you use to create the cover art it looks fabulous!

DUTCH Avatar
over 8 years ago

The cover art is awesome :p

4EYED Avatar
over 8 years ago

@Everyone Thanks guys! @ItsCarlyo thanks for the honest feedback bro, appreciate it!

Pegasus Avatar
over 8 years ago

you are literally my fave

The Uncommon Effect Avatar
The Uncommon Effect
over 8 years ago

So fancyyyyyyy. I love ittttttttttttt!

平和の島 Avatar
over 8 years ago

Excellent track! It needs some extra work on the 'melody' and a few 'Claps"/'Snares' in the right parts of the song wouldn't kill it. This would be awesome to remix and is definitely refreshing to hear versus the "typical" gamut. Keep going in this direction because you've got it!

BaconBurger Avatar
over 8 years ago

Amazing as always