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Created March 19, 2016

Transition Records

This group is for users who use more than just Soundation for music productions and frequently use VST’s such as FL Studio, LMMS, Ableton Live, Garage Band, Audacity, etc.
Have fun and post your best tracks here! Don’t be shy, I like to give feedback on tracks all the time, so if you want feedback, just post your track here!
NO free loopers please. I understand that some people start off using free loops to get a feel about it, but don’t go in our group posting tracks that only consist of free loops and asking for feedback. It takes NO skill :D
Don’t spam the crap out of the comment section or tracks area! Please! :D
IF you want to be featured, just PM me and send a link to the song. I’ll have a listen, and if I enjoyed, I will give you a feature!
REMEMBER! This group is for ALL skill levels of music producing, whether you just learned about it or have been doing it for years, you’re all welcome to this group! :P
EACH month we will be having a feature, or in other terms this group can also be a contest. I will most likely listen to all the tracks posted here, and out of those songs I will choose one to feature on the page per when I feel like it .This does not mean you can’t PM me for a possible feature, it means you can get a feature either way.

Stay funky m80’s.

I will be giving away free VST plugin links for those who love VST plugins! I will be putting them in the comment section below. For those of you who don’t have any VST software, VST plugins are preset instruments that you can download off the internet.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Side Hustle  Avatar
Side Hustle
over 3 years ago

just dropped a new song from my upcoming EP Check it out:) https://soundcloud.com/officialsidehustle/on-the-side-vol-2-not-fair Also, follow my Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/officialsidehustle on the side EP coming soon :)

about 6 years ago

Please help me get this baby trending y'all!!! :D https://soundation.com/user/Young_Kit/track/rainy-day-kit-remix

mondaze. Avatar
about 7 years ago

Me and Chordial finished our new collab "Selcouth"! Chek it out HERE! Leave us a like and some feedback <33

Futilitarian / shtab Avatar
Futilitarian / shtab
almost 8 years ago

Hi guys! I made my first megamix on Reaper, here it is! ==> https://www.mixcloud.com/silverwing876/feel-the-bass-megamix-part-1/

Fraz Bag Avatar
Fraz Bag
almost 8 years ago

My attempt at tropical house... https://soundation.com/user/frazbag/track/majestic-original-mix

Side Hustle  Avatar
Side Hustle
almost 8 years ago

Hey guys. Please check out my new track, "Dimension". And leave feedback if you enjoy :) https://soundation.com/user/Xplour/track/dimension-1

Fraz Bag Avatar
Fraz Bag
almost 8 years ago

Check this out if you have 6 and a half minutes - https://soundation.com/user/frazbag/track/infernal-affairs-original-mix

Fraz Bag Avatar
Fraz Bag
almost 8 years ago

Check this out if you enjoy listening to loud annoying bullcrap. https://soundation.com/user/frazbag/track/relocivaptor-original-mix

Fraz Bag Avatar
Fraz Bag
almost 8 years ago

Dedicated to all the seagulls out there... https://soundation.com/user/frazbag/track/seagulls-original-mix