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Created June 13, 2016

The DragonScale Group

Hey everybody! I know you’re asking “Why’s this called DragonScale Group?!” well to answer your question yo this is a group for anyone to make powerful tracks. And by this I mean by there will be 20 places for only 20 users to get to become the best users. So the challenge is to make the most emotional songs that make a person feel a certain emotion and if the track being heard has a lot of emotion than your close to be one of the best users! Also no bad-talk some peeps aren’t comfortable with bad words. If there’s no bad talk then more people will be happy and this group is to have fun! If you want to post a track of yours than post it. And if you want you join right on here no need to ask! P.S.= Also if you already made a track that’s emotional post it. You can make a remix of an already existing song! :)

Have Fun Guys!


LOKI57 Avatar
almost 8 years ago

The 3 tracks so far GolednBeats, OFFTHE_CROSSBAR, and Lightning Striker are so far in the lead of 20 best users! :3

LOKI57 Avatar
about 8 years ago

Sorry man! I just listened to Voices it's sooo good! So much emotion!!!! We found a track! :)

Lightning Avatar
about 8 years ago

When are ya joining to judge?