Created June 28, 2012

T.H.E talent of soundation

have fun make music and upload them c whos the best who had the most fun and who can make the funkyest chunes% i will give u info on ur songs also if you have any questions ask me in a comment and i will answer them % if ur songs are amazing then i will post ur song to lots of people around the world % get joining now %

hi bro’s if u have any mates can u tell them to come and join it would help alot thanks % also song of the week is !!!! T R I B A L !!!! by Jack ! well done mate %

Check out other groups such as: %

keep posting and getting bro’s to join also well done to everyone that has put a track on %


about 8 years ago

well im here for the first activity in months

over 8 years ago

Hi, look at my track. do u like my track?

over 8 years ago

I'm back online! Get out your subwoofers for my new dubstep song,, and the house/club song! PLS Listen............And Enjoy!

over 9 years ago

All of my tracks are available for download NOW!

Rangers Techno Group
over 9 years ago

hey guys whats up?

over 9 years ago

check out official_TAZ his songs are great %