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Created June 28, 2012

T.H.E talent of soundation

have fun make music and upload them c whos the best who had the most fun and who can make the funkyest chunes% i will give u info on ur songs also if you have any questions ask me in a comment and i will answer them % if ur songs are amazing then i will post ur song to lots of people around the world % get joining now %

hi bro’s if u have any mates can u tell them to come and join it would help alot thanks % also song of the week is !!!! T R I B A L !!!! by Jack ! well done mate %

Check out other groups such as: https://soundation.com/group/musical-f-u-n %

keep posting and getting bro’s to join also well done to everyone that has put a track on %


dxtrellis Avatar
almost 10 years ago

well im here for the first activity in months

paulinaomel Avatar
about 10 years ago

Hi, look at my track. do u like my track?

theoftus Avatar
about 10 years ago

I'm back online! Get out your subwoofers for my new dubstep song, http://soundation.com/user/savaz1/track/super-basses-dubstep, and the house/club song http://soundation.com/user/savaz1/track/clubstep-house! PLS Listen............And Enjoy!

tirasunil Avatar
about 11 years ago

All of my tracks are available for download NOW!

Rangers Techno Group Avatar
Rangers Techno Group
about 11 years ago

hey guys whats up?

LAGGE% Avatar
about 11 years ago

check out official_TAZ his songs are great %