Created March 29, 2014

Summer Dance Contest

The Final 3 have been picked. But before I announce the winners I’d like to thank every single person that entered this year, as without you guys the contest wouldn’t be possible.
1 – Summer Paradise by Phoenix – I love the tropical feel to your track, not something many users here can pull off nicely. Well done on first place, please contact me for your packs.
2 – Lavish by Ozcii – It’s so interesting how you can incorporate your typical chill sounds into a banging house track. Super nice! Please contact me for your pack.
3 – Mind Games by Xplour – The melodies in Mind Games are so catchy, I had them in my head all day the first time I heard it. Plus the beat really gives off a summer-feeling vibe, big ups.
Also congrats to NKM and Sam Pugh for reaching the final 5, see you guys next year.
Welcome, everybody, to the third Summer Dance contest, the only contest on Soundation to find the best artist of the so called subgenre ‘Summer Dance’. To keep it simple, I’m going to allow the same 4 genres as last year, plus two: Summer Dance, Deep House, Progressive House, Future House, Indie/Melodic House and Tropical House. If you are confused by these genres here are some examples:

Summer Dance ~ Alex Adair – Make Me Feel Better (Don Diablo & CID Remix)

Deep House ~ Azealia Banks – Chasing Time (LiTek Remix)

Progressive House ~ Martin Garrix – Forbidden Voices

Future House ~ Spraynpray – Police

Indie/Melodic House ~ Bolier & Natalie Peris – Forever And A Day (LVNDSCAPE Remix)

Tropical House ~ Coldplay – Midnight (Kygo Remix)

Why Summer Dance?
Now that spring has arrived, the weather is starting to get better and soon when summer arrives the weather will be brilliant. So why not prepare for summer with the ultimate Summer Dance track?

You have until 29th May to create your best Summer Dance track. I will pick my five favourite tracks. I will then give you guys three weeks (19th June) to vote for your favourite track. Then there will only be three remaining tracks (until next year), first, second and third place.

1. Criticism is allowed, but no putting anybody down, no matter what!
2. Swearing is not banned, but please don’t overdo it.
3. If you want to post a WIP, please delete it once you have posted the full track.
4. Please only post ONE track. If you decide to post more than one track none of them will be judged.
5. Creating your own MIDI notes is recommended. You can use samples, but leaving them unedited gives you less of a chance to win. You can use any studio.
6. Tracks can be any length, but the recommended length is between 2 minutes and 5 minutes.
7. Tracks have to be posted via Soundation, ‘click the link’ tracks won’t be able to win, no matter how good they are.

1st Place – 3 soundpacks* of your choice, collab if wanted, shoutout on social media and bragging rights.
2nd Place – 1 soundpack* of your choice, collab if wanted, shoutout on social media and bragging rights.
3rd Place – Collab if wanted, shoutout on social media and bragging rights.

*Maximum £5 per soundpack (e.g. the £4.50 soundpacks) – If a collab track gets 1st or 2nd one soundpack per person.

Most importantly, have a blast :)


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