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Created March 08, 2012

Sound Generators

This group is aimed to both teach and demonstrate how to generate your own sounds using the instruments inside soundation studio. This group will primarily focus on making your own sounds and note clips to use in your own tracks but also show you how to make sounds work within a track. You should have some musical knowledge when you join this. Though you will learn some musical terms if you don’t know a whole lot about music. I hope you get your joins worth in this group :)

Sound sharing is okay encouraged! If you discover a sound that you would like to share with the group just write a comment with the instrument, values of that instrument, effects used (if any), and values of those effects (skip this if no effects). You can make a spreadsheet or document with the instruments and effects (if any) used to produce a particular sound (Example: http://tinyurl.com/6wocp3c ). You can also save a track as a .sng (Soundation Studio’s sound file) and send it to whoever would like to use it.


Starting January 1, 2013 I will be disallowing all track ads. I will be giving this group more focus at the start of the new year. You will only be allowed to post sounds you have discovered and would like to share. Track posting may be disabled as well.

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I may begin to clear out the tracks page and give this group more focus. This said, I may disallow track ads for this group in the future. I will give more details on this when I sort them out.


Michotic Avatar
over 8 years ago

https://soundation.com/t/d6bc0 This has vocals and live guitars kind of a nightmare before christmas vibe. If you like it check out my other new song US. Thanks feel free to leave feedback.

JDonaldson Avatar
about 10 years ago

Plse listen to my track, you guy will love it :) http://soundation.com/user/jimdnldsn94/track/hope-disclosure-remix

false blonde Avatar
false blonde
about 10 years ago

http://soundation.com/user/_ed/track/believe NEW TRACK OUT! Classic style combines with modern influences to create a track that will leave you speechless!

Paradox Avatar
about 10 years ago

Im back!check out my track on audiotool(link in description)http://soundation.com/user/qpwCANADA/track/audiotool-click-the-link-in-the-description

JDonaldson Avatar
over 10 years ago

Listen to my song Jesus is life :) http://soundation.com/user/jimdnldsn94/track/jesus-is-life

paulinaomel Avatar
almost 11 years ago

Hi, like my track :) Im hard of hearing.

hani1289 Avatar
about 11 years ago

Hey guys, Check out my new dance track, I think you'll like it!! http://soundation.com/user/hani1289/track/dancing-on-cloud-9

dubstepaddict Avatar
about 11 years ago

I'm now administrating an independent music promotion channel on YouTube. here's the link to the channel- you can submit your tracks to the email given there if you want your stuff promoted. http://www.youtube.com/user/EliteEDM