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Created April 26, 2017

Skylights_Revibe Remix Contest

Come one, come all, to the very first contest hosted by, the incredible, me. You guys are getting the chance to remix my song Skylights_WinterRevibe.
Rules are:
- No loops
- And no less than at least Two noticeable changes in the song
SNG is HEREhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/7kym8i2u0cbmesp/SkyLights_Revibe.sng?dl=0

Winner is whoever scores the most points
Earn points for
- Creativity
- How well it’s remastered
- How much I enjoyed the remix
- How much it adds or takes away from the song’s original sound
- Number of votes per track (1 vote = 10pts)
You cannot vote for your own track, votes from non-participants and other participants only. Thank you.

Prizes are
1st- Remix will be Featured in My Soul resonance track set release and any 3 song sngs of mine from the past to present and of course…Legendary Bragging rights!

2nd- Shout out in soul resonance track release + 2 any song sng of choosing and Radical Brag rights

3rd- Any 1 song sng of choosing and Bragging rights.

Bonus prize for whoever makes my favorite remix: Collab on Soul Resonance: Long Way Back

All entries must be in by June 9th and that’s it, No later than the 9th of June, 2017!!!


banskii Avatar
about 3 years ago

swag moment

LapisMusic Avatar
almost 7 years ago

You should try it! It's fun! AND the midi will not be available ever again. Probably. I don't know, though, as I'm not Lil'.

The Last One Avatar
The Last One
almost 7 years ago

what day does the contest end each week cuz i wanna post a track but no point trying if it's almost over

Lil'Reaper BeatFactory Avatar
Lil'Reaper BeatFactory
almost 7 years ago

C'mon People... You don't got much time left!!!

Lil'Reaper BeatFactory Avatar
Lil'Reaper BeatFactory
almost 7 years ago

first gets first. Remix is featured and included in the Soul resonance release legendary bragging rights and 3 sng files of any song of mine(Where applicable)

UncleStephano Avatar
almost 7 years ago

Does first place get the 1st place prize as well as the 2nd and 3rd, or just the 1st place prize?