Created February 05, 2021

Reminiscence Remix contest

( Disclaimer: A lot of the stuff I used is premium so you might not be able to use certain things in the project.)

Hello guys this is my first remix competition, and as valentines day is about a week away I decided to make a remix competition of one of my favorite songs that I made, that just so happens to be published on valentines day.

I will be Judging on originality, quality, cover art, and based on my personal preference (I like more EDM stuff but please feel free to remix how you want).


– Don’t trash on others remix unless you can give valuable feedback.

- Only post tracks relevant to the contest (seriously I don’t want no cookie cutter spam on my group).

- Use (RRC) in your description so I know its a track for this contest.

- You can post 2 remixes max. If you have a third, you must replace one.

- DONT SELF PROMOTE. This is a contest not a general/ music genre group.

- Do not steal the original track and claim it is yours, and don’t publish a remix without giving me credit.


1st place will get a follow, a spot on my about section and I will recommend any track of yours in the shout out and feature groups.

2nd place will get a follow, and a spot on my about section.

3rd place will get a follow.

sngz File:

Audio Files:

The deadline will be 4/30/21. No more submissions will be counted.

No matter the outcome, no hard feelings. Have fun remixing!

If you have any recommendations about the group, comment below and I will consider it.


8 days ago

i feel u should make a contest of everyones songs and update the group every week right down who was eliminated and move on to the next round and so on so on til the final 3



Vicious V53
25 days ago



follow her she sweet and nice💕2k🏀_ bxddie💕,

Vicious V53
28 days ago

I've added all of the audio files in there original forms

Vicious V53
28 days ago

That’s cause u got intro some sounds are premium

28 days ago

audio files not load when drag project in studio

28 days ago

person sing wierd in song

Vicious V53
28 days ago

das cool

little hollow
29 days ago

Hey I had a track named that once. Twas interesting