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Created June 06, 2013

psychedelic side of music

well well… WTF ??? nothing like psychedelic music on soundation ?? only chill, club, house, dubstep, that’s ALL ? Chill and dubstep can be good music for some situation, but… there’s others that need…well…others genre. And this group is here to group them (hoping i’m not the only one to make this !) . So the group is OPEN, can join as you like. And feel free to post your tracks, no level required, we have all begin one day right ?
So you can join if you like psytrance, psybient, psylounge (!!), darkpsy, psykore, and all the numerous genre name with psy (psyjazz, psychedelic black and death metal…) as well as hardtek, DnB (NOT chill DnB), DUB, breakbeat, world (psyworld ?)…
but please… pleeaase… NOT DANCE MUSIC !

so, good day and, i mean, good trip !


D-Nice Avatar
almost 11 years ago

i like it scribbs

Dj Chris Avatar
Dj Chris
about 11 years ago

Hi dude! A great group! I want to share with you the top 5 tracks! The new release of there in a group! http://soundation.com/user/anton_smith/track/only-best-music

Skribbs: https://soundcloud.com/dj-skribbs Avatar

I like Behind The Colors! It has a sort of regge dubstep sound the bass is too strong tho

gecko Avatar
about 11 years ago

hmmm... like the sitar sound ! from the gm2 i think. I tried but never get the "trippy" sound of sitar from this. Otherwise, i like your track. psychedelic or not, i would say yes, maybe try to listen this while perched, it can be cool... but one thing, it lacks some kind of BASS. And what you think of the 2 tracks i posted ?

Skribbs: https://soundcloud.com/dj-skribbs Avatar

Im not sure If my song is psychedelic or not maybe a bit of both but could you tell me what you think?