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Created May 04, 2013


Welcome to the MusicBeasts, were we make music like… well, beasts :P
tell us what you think- what we are missing, what genres you would like to see- and pls join! :P

-No swearing, think about the children boi.

-Constructive feedback on tracks is appreciated, but not saying things like “your track sounds like a dying cat” or whatever.

-You may advertise your track in the comments but don’t spam (you may advertise the same track once a month)

-Be nice! and vote/ like any tracks you like (pretty self explanatory)

-While the chat is not restricted, please don’t have ENDLESS conversations about something with bae, just PM instead, so that people’s ads and feedback don’t get pushed to the bottom.

-Featured tracks are updated once a month!

-If you are posting a track that contains explicit lyrics, please make sure to label “EXPLICIT” on your track’s title, again, we don’t want 4 year olds running around cursing their mom out.

-If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the group, PM me and I will respond within 3 days. I probably won’t see it if you put it in chat.

UPDATE: Sorry this group has been so inactive over the past weeks… I mean, years. Im going to attempt to revive it, and if you would like to contribute, you can tell your friends too! we’re open to music producers of all levels of talent, whether you are new or pro. Thanks!

Congratulations to Kracked Ekho, 3DE World Reject, and ︻╦╤─†‡†◊ ₭. ​₸ЯILLZ ฿Є∆T$ ◊†‡†─╤╦︻ for winning the tracks of the month! check them out below, their tracks are all awesome! Be sure to leave a like and post your tracks for a chance to get one of your tracks nominated for Track of the Month!