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Created January 30, 2013

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Jim1994Don Avatar
over 9 years ago

Listen to my Tunes - you'll love them http://soundation.com/user/jimdnldsn94

Joke on Avatar
Joke on
over 9 years ago

Hello there, thought i'd join this thing because it looks good- im joke on, im working on a ep sort of thing at the moment but for now i'll leave you with my cover of david guetta & avicii's 'sunshine' and 'the fall of el manana', which i've posted on here. Enjoy!

ComPlex Avatar
over 9 years ago

Yo people, chek out ma new track (http://soundation.com/user/complex/track/marchin-to-that-beat), inspired by a single whistle! be sure to tell me watcha thnk bout it :)