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Created October 05, 2014

Final Fantasy Challenge

This Is a group dedicated to the history and evolution of Final Fantasy. Some of the games are truly amazing and have the most unique soundtracks. Don’t forget to always give credit to Square Enix and the composers such as Nobuo Uematsu, Masashi Hamauzu, etc.

-You have the option to remix an FF song. You can try and do it with or without the use of MIDI http://www.thefinalfantasy.com/midi-collection.html
- (MIDI) Final Fantasy X complete soundtrack maybe?

-You can post WIPs of your song at anytime, I have no problem with that just as long as you don’t spam them.

-Before you go to the website, Make sure you listen to some of the music from Final Fantasy before you do this… Personally in my opinion, Final Fantasy VII is a great game to use for this.

-For those who don’t know Roman Numerals, These are all the games Square Enix has made for Final Fantasy from start to current:

1988 – Final Fantasy
1989 – Final Fantasy II
1990 – Final Fantasy III
1991 – Final Fantasy IV
1992 – Final Fantasy V
1994 – Final Fantasy VI
1997 – Final Fantasy VII
1999 – Final Fantasy VIII
2000 – Final Fantasy IX
1999 – 2004 – Final Fantasy X/X-2
2002 – Final Fantasy XI
2006 – Final Fantasy XII
2009 – 2014 Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2/Lightning Returns
2011 – Final Fantasy XIV

- Just letting you know all about this, Because some ppl don’t know them….

- Also I think I need about 3 more judges for this, so PM me if you want to be a judge.st