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Created May 05, 2012

Factory of Variety

Hey.. I just wanted to try to make a group for a change.. no offence to those whos groups im attending. hope you dont get the wrong idea. …. anyone can join this group. no specific genres or contests and stuff. just used to share music more or less. and be social :)… 1.. no swearing. very little tolleration for that..2.. be freindly. no discrimination or bullying. and just have a good time


paulinaomel Avatar
almost 9 years ago

Hey, look at my track. Do u like my music?

Cyberbit (ALBUM IN BIO) Avatar
Cyberbit (ALBUM IN BIO)
over 9 years ago

@Everyone: Check out the Team Soundation group. Andreas is conducting a poll for new SAM-1 instruments!

bubby9534 Avatar
almost 10 years ago

Love how everybody's been using the new SPC instrument! Check out my new Lunchtime with Smosh remix!

Cyberbit (ALBUM IN BIO) Avatar
Cyberbit (ALBUM IN BIO)
almost 10 years ago

New track, Scary Carrots. Enjoy!

Manny Avatar
about 10 years ago

Sup everybody crazy new beat i just posted "Get The Crowd Hyped"

bubby9534 Avatar
about 10 years ago

Check out "Electro house" Ive been experimenting with the new SPC and made some sick beats use headphones or turn bass up :)

Xodus Avatar
about 10 years ago

check out my two latest tracks, "Sorry 4 The Wait" & "Fire and Ice Alpha(Preview)"

Smrtr Thn A Fth Grdr Avatar
Smrtr Thn A Fth Grdr
over 10 years ago

check out my new songs. 3 new ones just today. visit my profile and thanks for the invite