Created November 10, 2012

Experts Of Soundation

If you’re an Expert when it comes down to music, this is the place for you! if I haven’t already invited you and you feel you should be in this group PM me a link of your best Track.
If anyone knows how to switch admin control of a group and would like to be an admin please message me at
As I Have Made the switch from soundation to fl studio.
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almost 7 years ago

What can you live without? No matter what you say, it will always be nearly impossible to live without any imagination

over 7 years ago

Let's go to another galaxy!! :D

Kracked Ekho / illRipper
almost 8 years ago

please check it out and leave a like and a comment thx :)

about 8 years ago

Hot or Cold? You decide...

Kracked Ekho / illRipper
over 8 years ago

Check out my newest dubstep it will blow you away

over 8 years ago

Posted a track! Listen to its? --->

over 8 years ago

You don't want to click this----> ;) Reverse Psychology.... Or is it? 0.O