Created December 16, 2013

The Evolution of Sound

soundation is a friendly place, as will be this group always have fun doing what you do and find as much time as you can to increase your skill level at making music. however, there are rules unfortunately.

*no bragging
*no putting people down (no negative comments)
*keep the cussing to a limit
*be nice
*have fun


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Isabel Walker ;)
over 7 years ago

check out my new remix that i posted x

over 7 years ago

@Isabel Walker shut up

Sean Foxx
almost 8 years ago

New Electro House, "Louder" Please like and leave a comment!

Isabel Walker ;)
almost 8 years ago

hiya guys listen to me new track , i posted it to the group x

Sean Foxx
almost 8 years ago

This is my new, upbeat dance track "Supernova." It probably is one of the best songs I've made on here. I spent a long time on this. If you enjoy it, please like! :)