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Annual Dubstep Tournament - Year 1 Group Profile Picture
Created December 02, 2016

Annual Dubstep Tournament - Year 1

So, this is a dubstep contest XD
Some obvious stuff.
1. No spamming
2. Maximum of 2 tracks(The better grade will be counted)
3. Collabs are allowed.
4. You can remix or do an edit of a song, but you will get docked 10 points from your score. (I’m going for original work)
5. I will deduct 5 points for each sample I find. (This does not include individual drum samples)
6. Common Sense. (If you have any)
7. It can be any type of Dubstep. Melodic Dubstep, Dubstep, Death Dubstep, Hardcore Dubstep, etcetera.
20 Points – Mixing and Mastering
25 Points – Sequencing
25 Points – Sound Design
15 Points – Transitions
10 Points – Originality and Uniqueness
5 Points – Layering
Bonus Points 5 – Name and the story behind it

Please Note: This grading plan is subject to change and may be changed as I see to make it more balanced.

Phoenix will be the judge of my entry!
To be determined
Submissions Due
February 1
There will be a two week grace for me to begin grading.
For every 2 days after the original submission, I will subtract 2 points.
That can be a total of 14 points off
Best of luck and I can’t wait to see where this goes!


Sam The Giant Avatar
Sam The Giant
almost 4 years ago

is this still lit?

KCM Avatar
over 7 years ago

hi, I do not have dubstep, can I post trap?