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Created October 27, 2014

✌Cool or Nahh ✌

Aye you. Yeah you. This is a group where you

advertise your tracks, make new friends, and join in the fun . All you gotta do is click the “Join” button and your Part of this COMMUNITY. There will be updates, contests, and news. Yes we are going to set some goals as well. For now our goal is to reach 28 people think we can do that? Yes we can. And it’s going to happen! So again I would appreciate if you join it’ll help our community/group. ~Bye


Zaddy Avatar
over 8 years ago

ADD me and i will add you

ΔnTieMEtiCあなたを愛してます Avatar

Follow me

pryzm Avatar
over 9 years ago

Hey guys I made a remix of We'll Be Coming Back by Calvin Harris! Check it out and leave a like thanks guys! http://soundation.com/user/ttdf/track/clavin-harris-we-ll-be-coming-back-t-t-d-f-remix-finished

pryzm Avatar
over 9 years ago

Hey guys check out my new song Odditites!

Jake Avatar
over 9 years ago

These tracks really sound nice so I featured them for the group to hear ;)

MysteryMusicFactory Avatar
over 9 years ago

Ello pplz

I.D.F.W.U Avatar
over 9 years ago

Tom- Jake, his sister, and I go to the same school lmao