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Created September 07, 2015

Sound Blasters

Welcome, Soundation, to my very own group, You may feel free to post your tracks and comment here. Anyways, I’ve set up a contest on Jan 1. 2017, To see who’s the best track of the Soundation community, Yes, Voting will be declared, But, If their tracks are blank, Unappealing, Not shown, Or, Mismatched, The contest will be in risk of forfeit!, But, At the most, We hope to see you soon, Happy New Year!


semi-trash Avatar
over 1 year ago


Brody123 Avatar
over 5 years ago

Unfortunately, this contest is forfeiting due to no new songs! Sorry! And there has not been any activity on the channel for SO LONG!!!!!!!!, I'll try to get back to it by March

Brody123 Avatar
over 5 years ago

This time, I will not credit myself as the Bronze Medal winner because it is very unfair and incompetent to do so. See you!

Brody123 Avatar
over 5 years ago

Welcome back! it's been a while, anyways, there will be a second CONTEST! On New Year's Day 2017. Rules and Instructions will be the same and is posted above!

AcR Avatar
over 6 years ago

Hey Brody