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Clever Whiz  Avatar
Clever Whiz
over 8 years ago

I like this! One of the best rock songs I have heard! Dropped a like bro!

Cyprasonic (a.k.a) Doc Regals Avatar

@KSmuthi: Right on man. I'd say this is one of the few places rock could be called an abnormal genre haha. Anyhow, appreciate it! @Tiarna: All loops are recorded sound... but I get what you're asking. Rock doesn't work to well with MIDI's here, but it can be done. This one has nothing to do with MIDI's though. ;-)

EDV!N - E ! Avatar
EDV!N - E !
over 8 years ago

I need to ask. is this made with midi or recorded? Or with Ioops?

KSmuthi Avatar
over 8 years ago

Nice! I love to see "abnormal" genres on the site. You know, stuff that's finally not Dubstep, Hip Hop, or Electronica.

Cyprasonic (a.k.a) Doc Regals Avatar

I actually didn't realize the intro was only 20 though, so I could add vocals if I find some vocalists to collaborate with. I mean I am a poet, but being a vocalist is a bit of leap and some people are just better at being producers than vocalists. That's neither here nor there really though haha.

Cyprasonic (a.k.a) Doc Regals Avatar

@Osmosis: You can record your own midis and such, but to publish a track with your own recorded vocals you need the intro. ;-)

over 8 years ago

When I go into the Studio I have a record button that let's me record whatever.

Cyprasonic (a.k.a) Doc Regals Avatar

@EZ: Yeah, that's the idea anyway. Some would probably have to be restructured and remastered before then, but I generally make a rough draft until I can get to them with a better computer where I can really isolate all of my sounds the way I need to. But yeah, appreciate it man! Keep creating! Onward and upward. ;-)

Foresight Avatar
over 8 years ago

@Doc I actually didn't know that all your instrumentals are structured for vocals! I totally agree, repetition really isn't a bad thing when your doing that. Keep it comin man :)

Cyprasonic (a.k.a) Doc Regals Avatar

@Osmosis: haha... nah man, you read that wrong. You need at least an intro account to record your stuff here.