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Dj-gizmo Avatar
over 6 years ago

wauw nicee vibe! grtz gizmo

Cyprasonic (a.k.a) Doc Regals Avatar

@ROIX: I've heard a few people mention it here, but haven't checked it out yet. Pretty cool though. I mostly pull from earlier influences, but it's an interesting take on the piece I wouldn't have considered. Saweeet. Appreciate the feedback peeps!

[this project has concluded] Avatar
[this project has concluded]
over 6 years ago

trillan obesses over savant yet again... even though this soundsa little like him.

Cyprasonic (a.k.a) Doc Regals Avatar

Well, even though I typed that completely wrong. Legend by Savant was pretty interesting. Seemed to have a completely different feel to me, but it's all relative I suppose. Interesting. Thanks for the info!

Cyprasonic (a.k.a) Doc Regals Avatar

Thanks guys! @Trillan: I've heard Legends of Savant mentioned here a few times before. Haven't heard it yet. Definitely will have to check that one out. And thanks! Hope you all have a great weekend

. Avatar
over 6 years ago

Reminds be a bit of the intro to Legend by Savant. Awesome work!

ChordsBoy Avatar
over 6 years ago

Gosh that beat is legendary :O

Cyprasonic (a.k.a) Doc Regals Avatar

Thanks guys. Sorry had to step away earlier. Appreciate the feedback!

Ĵ.R.V‽BÉS Avatar
over 6 years ago

woah this is slick.....like DR.SLICK........ ;)

Caffeinayt Avatar
over 6 years ago

Also, nice to see that ur back <3