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rola0267 Avatar
over 5 years ago

hey dude you are bringing it

ERIK Avatar
over 6 years ago

Nice song!

D~(0)~M Avatar
over 7 years ago

Wow, this one feels a whole lot less repetitive to me. There's a lot going on here, and it's energetic and doesn't give me any time to notice any repetitive elements. The vocals are odd to be. 'Shadows shadows shadows' was slightly annoying after a bit, but overall it was drowned out a bit more by the awesomeness. I hope to hear more like this!

Cyprasonic (a.k.a) Doc Regals Avatar

Will be making tracks available on my YouTube channel here soon for better enjoyment! Stay tuned for more details!

UnicornMan Avatar
over 7 years ago

awesome song!

Cyprasonic (a.k.a) Doc Regals Avatar

@Krow: Right on bud! Still have some mixing and mastering to figure out, but I think I'm there compositionally. Should have some cool stuff coming out more often now!

KrowTra Avatar
over 7 years ago

Wow lol as soon as the beat dropped I was like @.@ This is awesome!

Cyprasonic (a.k.a) Doc Regals Avatar

Thanks DJ! Should have some cool stuff coming up here too, so stay tuned. @GoldenBeats: I may actually do some giveaway tracks here shortly that are downloadable and remixable. It's just some people will take advantage if I were to let them download all of my stuff that easily. While I love being open with everyone, it actually took me a huge amount of work for a lot of my tracks. There's a world of difference between priceless and worthless and I'd rather not give the wrong impressions in that regard. After all, if I can do something positive in the future with this stuff I'd like to.

DJ Arkorath Avatar
DJ Arkorath
over 7 years ago

this has a funk feeling to it... I love it

Cyprasonic (a.k.a) Doc Regals Avatar

Thanks guys!