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Abi Avatar
over 4 years ago

If you get hurt out there I'll sue existence.

Vicious V53  Avatar
Vicious V53
almost 5 years ago

Oh crap I didn't even know of this. I remember the first track I listen to from you "1.1.1." You will be missed legend.

a!m Avatar
almost 5 years ago

<3333 mondaze.

Vacant Avatar
almost 5 years ago

;-; all the legends are leaving

banskii Avatar
about 5 years ago

Good luck bro!

Katze Avatar
about 5 years ago

Rest...that song I need all the time. In all seriousness tho you're a synth king, your reign will not be forgotten :3

mondaze. Avatar
about 5 years ago

Thank you so much for the love everyone. I love you all <3 good luck to you guys, wherever the road may take you :)

blind euphoria. Avatar
blind euphoria.
about 5 years ago

Crazy to think such a legend is going to be gone from us. I have you on Insta, so I'll hit you up anytime. Gonna miss you being on here (even though I'm not really on here anymore either haha), and thank you for serving our country. Keep making great music dude :)

SLOCM3Z Avatar
about 5 years ago

wow. my heart. i will miss you so much, man. i still listen to fridaze and thoughts on repeat sometimes <3 you've been a great friend and i hope we get to meet in real life someday

StarSplitter Avatar
about 5 years ago

Good luck! Even though we don't really know each other, I can still say that you are a great creator and that you will be missed. Thank you for serving us!