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musiclover Avatar
over 5 years ago

i want to remix this!

i am dead Avatar
i am dead
over 5 years ago

It's like an avalanche, I feel myself go under, cause the weight of it's like hands around my neck XD

DJ KewlFox Avatar
DJ KewlFox
over 5 years ago

you should have made it 2 seconds shorter XD 420! JK lol i love the song tho

Josh Riker Avatar
Josh Riker
over 5 years ago

Thanks! It means a lot to hear that from you! You we're my inspiration early on, (along with many others of course), but I really like your music!

Kracked Ekho / illRipper Avatar
Kracked Ekho / illRipper
over 5 years ago

good stuff josh ive been keeping an eye on your work, its getting better and better every song <3

right nit Avatar
right nit
over 5 years ago


dead Avatar
over 5 years ago


Kagar Avatar
over 5 years ago

Atleast someone that makes good songs is active, XD Btw watch this go trending. Bro sounds SO freaking professional (like you weren't already :/)!

[this project has concluded] Avatar
[this project has concluded]
over 5 years ago

If you want, we can collab on the future bass

Nesta Malcolm Avatar
Nesta Malcolm
over 5 years ago

Love that 8th chord! kinda wish the second drop had more variation