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hani1289 Avatar
about 11 years ago

Thanks for all you great comments. I am now putting these comments into action, with my new updated 'Dancing on Cloud 9' track!

ArtWork Avatar
about 11 years ago

I may be just be a bit bias, but I would have made the main melody be piano. Other than that, I have nothing short of what the others have mentioned. This is a great piece!! You should add to it. You have the right idea, you simply need to give it more depth. Think of what you have so far as the skeleton of your song. Then have it bloom from the skeleton into something fuller. It has great potential. Take more time on it. Add some more harmonies, drums, ect; you already have a good sense of structure. just work off of it :) hope this helps! Good luck!!

WarDash Avatar
about 11 years ago

Not bad, not bad at all :)

Calum Hood Avatar
Calum Hood
about 11 years ago

I agree with Dusk and BlueCanoe, this sounds really good though, if you add in what the others have said this is gonna be amazing

DJ SI-YOU Avatar
about 11 years ago

It's very nice needs some bass, turn up the drums, and in the middle turn up piano, change up near bridge as well. Otherwise great song!!!

Audial Avatar
about 11 years ago

It is lacking bass, and as the BlueCanoe said the main melody instrument could change, but the the musicality is really top notch

hemenehem Avatar
about 11 years ago

nice track, but i think you could add more bass or tune the lead a bit.

Miles Findlay Avatar
Miles Findlay
about 11 years ago

I would also talk to Duskmusicuk. He'll have great advice. He's a really great electro house maker on soundation.

Miles Findlay Avatar
Miles Findlay
about 11 years ago

I agree with Snow Fox. The drums could be a bit harder. I also think the melody instrument could have been different. The basic principles are all there. It just needs practice.

Triskelight Avatar
about 11 years ago

It's a bit repetitive, there isn't that much change. The drums could use some work. Buuuuut it's good, I like it.